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Parking and Traffic is what we do.



Camping Management

Assess vehicle and pedestrian traffic during peak ingress and egress times, from toll booth to the campsite allowing for continual, effortless flow.



Well-organized, definitive layouts for any terrain, utilized for maximum efficiency of space.


Lot Management

Manage and secure areas that require personnel and or equipment to preserve an unhindered worksite.

Equipemnt Rental

Cones, delineators, variable message signs, K-rail, and other equipment for all sizes of events.

Access Control

An intelligent plan combined with a well-trained staff to secure and scan all arriving and departing patrons.


In the know of required traffic control forms, criteria and information needed to secure all necessary authorization for your event.

Parking Plans

Creating walkable configurations, while advocating for maximum pedestrian safety on sidewalks and


Parking Direction

Equipment set-up and personnel deployment configured to supervise the movement of vehicles ensuring

efficiency and safety.



Aligned Traffic Management, LLC is a full service, professional parking, traffic control, and shuttle management company. Since 1995 we have provided services for corporate, private, and charitable organizations in a wide variety of venues. For purposes ranging from social gatherings, fundraising galas, to large scale public events. We are widely known for our personalized approach to customer service and our expertise in the management of traffic flow in an efficient, safe, and timely manner. We look forward to assisting you with any and all of your parking, traffic, and shuttle needs.





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